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Thanks for stopping by Houben’s Animal Lures, your number one choice for quality trapping lures and baits. Based in Ripley, West Virginia, we are a family-owned business that specializes in building wildlife attractors. We sell our own special brand of top-quality lures and baits developed during a twenty-three-year career as a professional wildlife damage control specialist.

Our only business is the production of the highest quality lures and baits possible. That means we are fully focused on developing, testing, and producing for you the trapper the best of the best in wildlife attractors.

We also believe you will find the greatest success with our products when you are provided solid trapping information and techniques. As such, you will find our Blog continues to grow with useful information for any trapper. It brings us a great deal of satisfaction to see our customers enjoy a successful trapping season.

Our products are shipped to you through one of the industry’s premier supply companies, Murray’s Lures and Trapping Supplies. Why? To ensure you get what you need when you need it. And, so I can be on the trap line developing more great products.

Why Houben’s Animal Lures

There is a plethora of lure brands on the market so why choose Houben’s? First, you should know that lures and baits are not all created equal. There is a huge difference in how attractive different brands of lures are to the target animal. Research by the USDA National Wildlife Research Station has thoroughly documented that only a handful of lures are top of the line. Years of testing on the trap line has demonstrated our formulas “make the cut.” Secondly, many lures on the market are made with cheap, watered-down ingredients. To produce exceptional lures means you must start with top quality ingredients. Quality ingredients and glands are hard to find and expensive to buy. But that is what we use. The best formulas and the highest quality ingredients are what makes Houben’s Animal Lures produce fur. You will see the difference where it counts – on the trap line.