Gland Lures for Trapping Coyotes, Fox, and Bobcats

Our gland lures are made from select glands and urine to produce the most natural smelling gland lures possible. These thick, creamy lures are loaded with glands and enhanced with ingredients which elicit a territorial response. The reaction of the predator is triggered at the biological level demanding a scent marking response.

Because gland lures don’t produce the intense digging response of a call lure or a compounded bait many trappers overlook their value. However, gland lures are just the ticket during warm weather, breeding season, at back-up sets or to increase response when paired with natural baits. These gland lures are natural smells that naturally produce results.

Red Vixen Red Fox Gland Lure by Houben’s Animal Lures

Red Vixen Red Fox Gland Lure

A heavy foxy smelling lure with a matrix undertone that really holds the fox’s interest. This lure is not rotted down fox meat as so many so-called gland lures are.  It is a thick lure loaded with red fox glands. Pair it with a compounded bait or a call lure at dirt hole sets or use it alone at scent post sets. This lure will convince you of the value of a good red fox gland lure on your trap line. It causes a competitive response in coyotes and is of great value to coyote trappers during early season. 2 ounce bottle

Our Price: $14.00

Natural Dog Coyote Gland Lure by Houben’s Animal Lures

Natural Dog Coyote Gland Lure

One of the most natural smelling coyote gland lures on the market.  Made with super concentrated fresh coyote urine and just the right amount of glands. This lure has a nice syrupy consistency and is best used at scent post type sets or with natural baits. It demands a urination response from adult coyotes and is a real asset to damage control trappers during spring and summer and to fur trappers during breeding season. 2 ounce bottle.

Our Price: $14.00

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Lynx Cat

A blend of fresh and aged bobcat glands with a very “catty” odor.  In the background is a hint of castor and musk which sweetens and enhances the cat smell. This lure is especially valuable during breeding season at scratch-up toilet sets. When used at baited sets or paired with our WSB-Plus call lure it gives those finicky bobcats one more reason to work the set until caught. This is a great alternate gland lure for both fox and coyotes all season. 2 ounce bottle.

Our Price: $14.00