M.L. of Virginia states,

man posing with various pelts on wall

“I caught almost all of these on Top Dog this year!!!”

M.L. of Virginia states,

man posing with 6 dead coyotes

“I don’t ever want to do without it [Top Dog].  I literally use it at every set all season”

J.L. of West Virginia

man posing with caught beavers and musk rats in pick up truck

A good run on the rats and beaver using Houben’s muskrat lure.

H.G. of West Virginia

Coyote with trap around foot

Sent this picture of his first coyote using Houben’s Top Dog.

E.T. of West Virginia

Man posing with his children and three dead coyotes

E.T. of West Virginia is a big fan of Houben’s ‘Cat Cream.