Trapping Urines by Houben's Animal Lures

Urine plays an important role in trapping coyotes, fox, and bobcats. Take a dog for a walk and you will quickly realize the importance of urine in the olfactory communication of canines. Marking territory, communication with family group members, food sources, age, and sex are just a few things predators detect when smelling another coyote or fox’s urine. Urine authenticates to the coyote or fox why a set is there, kicks in the competitive response, and builds confidence to work the set.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find good urines today. Most urine sold is collected from ranch animals.  This type of urine is “puppy” urine collected from animals fed a cereal blend diet. To get top quality urine for trapping purposes requires collection from adult animals on a high meat diet during the winter months. We go to great extremes to collect the best of the best red fox urine. You will notice the difference.

Red Fox Urine by Houben's Animal Lures

Red Fox Urine

Our red fox urine is collected from wild foxes legally held during trapping season. We feed a natural diet of muskrat, beaver, venison, groundhog, and legally collected roadkill rabbit and squirrel. Our collection trays are cleaned daily, and we have a multi-layer filtering system to keep food particles and droppings out of the urine. Our fox urine comes off the collection tray a golden yellow but because of the high protein diet it darkens over time.  It is aged to give it stability and it will retain its valuable foxy odor for years. This 16oz bottle should be stored in a cool dark place.  A small squirt of this fine quality product is all that is need at a set.

Our Price: $12.00